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There are many creatures living in my bathroom. Here's the Therapy Soap Frog. He's the happiest thing I know, just looking at him makes me smile. Hence the name.

I don't really know who this is, but she smells good and I think she's friends with Strawberry Shortcake.

Bubbles and fishes.

This is a plywood fish that used to be attached to a mural in my school... *whistles innocently*

These are towel hook thingies... Err, whatever the real word is.

My glow in the dark animals.

Candles and fantastic fish.

The bathtub croc.

Purple sequin fishie.

And a turqouise one.

The weirdest mermaid pen ever. Got it from my friend Karin.

Haha, I love this. It's a soap with a super funny turtle with a yellow hat in it. :D

And that's it. :)
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