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hi, i'm emily and i'm new to this community. i recently got the coolest and brightest bedspread because i really cleaned up my room. my house will be 3 years old this may (awww its such a cute little toddler!), and duh, the walls are so WHITE AND BORING. my best friend cate and i have been debating what color(s) and/or what way to paint it. i need some suggestions! i have some pics. also, i was wondering if i should make a valance for my 4 windows. 3 are side by side, one is right over my desk. the one over my desk is 35" across, and the big one is 80" wide.

my bed and the lovely bedspread

the bulletin board. i covered it with the fabric myself.

donnas/ok go poster my ex got for me at the Lehigh University concert last year.

my desk to the right of my bed

this is at the opposite end of my bed pretty much.

the large window in question.

i love bright colors
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