kistbyfaeries (kistbyfaeries) wrote in glitter_rooms,

not to sure if this counts but my Giraffe said it does

ok i know i posted last on new years about my room and i promised better pictures and now i got them. Most of the stuff is what i gathered over the years and my attempt to incorpirate it into my own style... i painted it myself and with help i also decorated it myself...

so here you go please comment on the room...



My Paper Mache Giraffe


Room as seen from the door

cork board with nothing of signifigance

my clock above the closet

my fan

dresser and its clutter

top shot of clutter

well do u like it? if you don't just pretend you do

xoxoxo amanda

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all so cute:) and kind of vintage:) unusual:)
thank you!
i made a paper mache giraffe for a science project last year,,it ended up looking something like that. i left it at school though :[
I love the fan. though I, personally, would switch the blades around, so they're not the same color as the flower, if that makes sense... :) (the rest of the room is pretty too, the fan just caught my eye)


June 29 2006, 16:00:08 UTC 11 years ago

Very cute :P I have a question, what is that shiny looks beautiful thing hanging on the right side of the wall? ;P


June 29 2006, 16:02:21 UTC 11 years ago

Oh duh.. in the second picture... is it one of those things you get like from a fair, and you wear on top of your head?